Perfumes for women with pheromones

The line of Phiero perfumes with pheromones for women is integrated by Phiero Woman and Phiero Night Woman, 2 original women perfumes with which you will enhance your appeal and self-confidence and you will have a big advantage flirting.

Both perfumes are composed by pheromones and their fragrance will make you more seductive and confident that you have ever been. Enjoy of these original perfumes for women on any occasion and become irresistible.

Women's offer

Phiero Woman parfum
1 Phiero Woman
  • 49,95€

    Before 59,95€ / YOU SAVE 10€

  • 1 Phiero Woman (30ml)
  • 1 Seduction guide
Phiero Night Woman parfum
1 Phiero Night W
  • 49,95€

    Before 59,95€ / YOU SAVE 10€

  • 1 Phiero Night Woman (10ml)
  • 1 Seduction guide
Phiero Woman Nigth y Phiero Woman
1 Phiero Night W + 1
Phiero Woman
  • 49,95€

    Before 59,95€ / YOU SAVE 10€

  • Phiero Night Woman (10ml)
  • Phiero Woman (30ml)
  • Discount
  • 1 Seduction guide
Opinions of our clients

The Phiero Effect

The Phiero perfumes with pheromones for women represent sensual and feminine fragrances originated in the wildflowers families and berries, creating a mix of fresh, citric and exotic scents. An explosive combination to make you feel desired as self-confident at the same time to seduce anyone in your way.

The Phiero Woman effect

Its fragrancy is a perfect harmony of soft scents that mix a juicy fragrance with a sophisticated blend of exotic flowers.

Distribution format: 30ml

Why choose Phiero Woman?

Sophisticated perfume with an exotic and warm fragrance. It is the perfect perfume to have in the nightstand and use in the most special and exclusive moments. Its fragrance is an explosive combination and turns you into a desired and self-confident woman at the same time, and you will seduce anyone you find in your way.

Perfumes con feromonas Phiero Woman

Perfumes con feromonas Phiero Night Woman

The Phiero Night Woman Effect

This perfume has a refreshing spirit, it’s integrated by apple’s scent with a mix of woodsy and sensual fragrancies.

Distribution Format: Roll on 10ml

Why choose Phiero Night Woman?

It is a fresh and juvenile perfume. It is applied in Roll on format and It is pocket sized to be carried anywhere. Its aromatic combination helps waking up mysterious sensations in other people and in uncommon or unplanned situations. Apply Phiero Night at any moment without being noticed.

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Which perfume with pheromones should I choose if I’m a woman and I want to atract someone from my same sex?

The one you like the most of the two perfumes with pheromones for women. The woman that feels attracted attracted to feminine pheromones will notice the Phiero effect in her brain and the response will be positive for you. You just must choose the fragrance that you like better.

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Seduction Guide

With the purchase of any perfume with pheromones for women, you will get a free Seduction guide. An Ebook with tricks and advises for you to use along with the perfume and get the maximum of any situation. Made up by more than 30 tricks based on real experiences of experts in the seductions.

The power of pheromones and seduction in just a couple of drops


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