Scientific studies proves the pheromones effectiveness
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During the last years countless scientific researchers have been made about the effectiveness of pheromones, being extracted from them that the chemical scents produced by pheromones are a direct cause of the interpersonal attraction.

Proving the effect of these substances produced by men naturally, the only missing thing was demonstrate the effectiveness of its synthetic equivalents. For that, many detailed experiments have been made leaving no place for doubts: THEY REALLY WORK

Study nº1

Published by the “Seattle Times” About the effectiveness of a group of pheromones synthetized directly from human sweat

This study started by the premise that “In both human and animals, the pheromones stimulate the response in the opposite sex” In this study 38 men participated to demonstrated the effectiveness of these products.
Between this 38 men, 17 used and aftershave that contained a few drops of the synthetized pheromones, while the rest used a common aftershave. During the time that the experiment lasted it was asked to all the men to document their sexual activity.

The results proved that the persons that used the pheromones had more sexual activity than the 21 that hadn’t use it. Based in the results the researchers concluded that. “The pheromones were the direct causing of a significant increase in the sexual activity of people, also that the pheromones have a direct relation with the attraction between men and women.

Study nº2

The battle of odors: The significance of pheromones for human reproduction

This second study affirms demonstrate that the masculine pheromones (Androstenol/ Androsterone) of the sweatiness have a direct impact in the ovulation cycles of the feminine menstrual ovulation. At the same time the women could induce hormonal changes in the man.
Title : “Battle of odors: significance of pheromones for human reproduction” Author: “Grammer K; Jutte A” Ludwig-Boltzmann-Institut f¨ur Stadt-Ethologie, Wien, Osterreich

Study nº3

Pheromones relation with the human behavior

The psychological department of a prestigious university in London made an study over 76 males and many other feminine voluntaries classifying the results regarding the social relations that are experimented after using the pheromone androstenol. The results demonstrated a considerable increase in the sexual relations of the participants in their social relations which doesn’t do other than confirming the efficacy of the pheromones.

University College, Department of Psychology, London, England.

Study nº4

Study of the Swiss Zoo Claus Wedekind

To the men that participated in this study were given a shirt for them to wear while they slept two consecutive nights. Also were supplied with soap and a line of personal hygiene products to use. At the end of the period, all the shirts were introduced in boxes along with new others without sweat of any kind for them to be selected by women using their noses.
As result, it was concluded that women preferred the shirts that had been used before by the men with the same immunologic system. Many of the women said that some scents reminded them of their ex-boyfriends, whilst men with similar immune systems reminded them of members from their families .

Zoologist, Claus Wedekind, Switzerland | Subjects: 44 men and 49 women.

Study nº5

Test made about the effect of the pheromones’ supplements in the human behavior

ABC News made an informal test about the efficacy of the synthetic perfumes with pheromones. For that, used two twin sisters in a renowned bar in New York, dozed one with a pheromones’ atomizer and other with a spray that didn’t contain the pheromones, as placebo. The results were outstanding, since the woman that wore the pheromones was addressed by 30 men, while the one who hadn’t use it, only 11. Ritter affirmed after the test that “We can’t deny what we saw in that bar.”

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