Phiero Premium

Perfumes with pheromones for men

Phiero Premium is a masculine perfume with pheromones integrated by 3 pheromones and a perfect combination of woodsy and fresh scents with pink pepper that will make you powerful in front of everyone.

Experiment the Phiero Premium effect:

Unrepeatable sensations
Self-confidence for flirting
Bigger sexual desire

Perfumes with pheromones for men

Phiero Premium’s description:

Phiero Premium is one of the best perfumes with pheromones for men in the market. Elaborated from 3 different pheromones, its woodsy scents with touches of pink pepper make a fragrance full of vitality and freshness

Phiero Premium’s Technical Specifications:

  • Type of perfume: Perfumes with pheromones for men
  • Sex oriented perfume: Pheromones for men
  • Creation year: 2005
  • Fragrance family: Woodsy
  • Scent: Woodsy fragrance with pink pepper touches
  • Size: 30ml
  • Distribution format: Atomizer
  • Ingredients: Androsterone, Delta 16-ol, A-keto, Essential oils, Wildlife fragrances, Glycol.
Feromonas hombres Phiero Premium

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Phiero Premium's offer

Phiero Premium
1 Phiero Premium
  • 49,95€

    Before 59,95€ / YOU SAVE 10€

  • 1 Phiero Premium (30ml)
  • 1 Seduction guide
Phiero Premium
2 Phiero Premium
  • 49,95€

    Before 59,95€ / YOU SAVE 10€

  • 2 Phiero Premium (30ml)
  • 1 Seduction guide
Phiero Premium y Phiero Night Man
1 Phiero Premium + 1
Phiero Night M
  • 49.28$

  • Phiero Premium (30ml)
  • Phiero Night Man (10ml)
  • Discount
  • 1 Seduction guide


Pheromones are chemical substances that our body segregates in a natural way aiming to trigger sexual responses. Phiero’s perfume with pheromones for men reproduces with perfect fidelity this scents to enhance the self-confidence and sex appeal.



Is a high potency pheromone derived from the testosterone we find in the human body, it generates the sensation e image of alpha male, dominant and self-confident.



It Is known as the love pheromone because of the feelings and reactions that generates. It creates cozy and comfortable situations, increases the confidence of the persons making them feel less nervous and tense creating an environment of self-assurance around.

Delta 16-OL

Delta 16-OL

It is the pheromone of communication and empathy with the environment. It produces a loss of shyness in the individuals making them feel more comfortable at the moment of establishing a relationship or start a conversation creating a better acceptance in their environment.

Phiero Night Man

Pocket sized masculine perfume with pheromones

Become a conqueror anywhere or any time. Discover the new Phiero Night Man and take the power of pheromones with you. Thanks to its new Roll On its use is simpler and more discreet.

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Masculine perfume with only one pheromone

Phiero Notte offers you the possibility of getting anyone you want, thanks to its attraction pull. It contains an only pheromone very potent that sends an strong sign and enhance your sex appeal.

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 Phiero Notte


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